Our History

Cable Street Community Gardens was founded in the late 1970's as part of a Friends of the Earth initiative reclaiming derelict land for local community use.

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About Us
Our gardeners come from all areas of the local community and use this space to grow organic flowers and vegetables and to create a haven for wildlife in the city.

There are fruit trees, berry bushes and numerous mini-ponds across the site, in addition to the plentiful flowers and vegetables. The varied flora, and the fact that it is managed without pesticides, attracts a wide range of animals including butterflies and other invertebrates, newts, frogs, toads, foxes, squirrels and birds include robin, wren, dunnock, blackbird, song thrush, goldfinch and kestrel.

We have recently started keeping bees in the gardens so as to play our part in helping the bee population and to assist in pollination of the local flowers and vegetables.

The gardens are an oasis of tranquility, but beyond the obvious gardening activities, they also provide an important meeting place and link between a wide range of ages and cultures in East London. We have contacts with a number of other organisations and volunteer schemes and also organise visits to shows and gardens.